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Terms of service


This project was created to help answer four questions I ever had, Where? When? What?, and Tomorrow, go where? Believe that only preserve what we know, what we like and, therefore, this project aims, also promote the knowledge, conservation and activities that interact with nature in a sustainable way, especially those related with bird watching.

Description of service

This project aims to provide its users features and useful content to meet the above objectives. Can not ensure that the service is always available, the accuracy of all content and that no incidents occur that result in loss information. This site uses cookies. When you browse the site you are consenting to its use.

Registration, conduct and privacy

Users are committed to always provide correct information, comply with the legal provisions in force with emphasis on the author rights and do not take action that could compromise privacy, security or quality of service. The promotion and implementation of activities with the purpose of profit through service, must be preceded by a agreement. Failure to comply with the foregoing will involve the removal of content in question, the cancellation of the registration / account and other measures consider necessary. We will not disclose or transmit intentional, to third parties outside the scope of the service, any information with the following exceptions: compliance with legal or if requested within research projects or conservation.

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Changes to the terms of service will be posted on this page.